Do not burn your house down

I love this. 😭😭😭

Dear Juliet

I visited my therapist today. He said something peculiar after I droned on and on about how I hate the scars imprinted on my skin, the lines weaving their way around my waist and stomach. For half an hour; he listened, nodding along as I told stories about how I refuse to live inside this meat sack that continues to push me out.

He said, “don’t burn your own house down, no matter the reason.” I did not know what to reply. He continued, “people have their reasons but it does not justify the damage or demolition. Sometimes something would break or stop working; a burnt-out lightbulb or a leaky sink. Rather than fix it—”

“Why would anyone burn it?” Ignoring the sarcasm poking fun at his insight. He spoke without skipping a beat, “Often, that idea has not popped into their head. There are people who would ignore it…

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